Welcome in many languages.

Welcome to Moss Street House! We are a chimerical blend of housemates numbering from five to seven and living together in Portland. Since it’s the thing to do these days, we decided to start a blog to chronicle our adventures.

We got our house keys about the time April transitioned into May.

Melissa has a house key

We spent the next few weeks scrubbing down the house and taking care of all that moving-in business.

Rachel, Ella, and Andrew hanging out

We hang out in the living room a lot. Crosswords, Sandman comics, peanutbutter and banana sandwiches, and tea are all things you are likely to see here.

We had a House Meeting in Capital Letters to determine things like division of labor and rent, rules and expectations, and how a Tea Roulette jar works.

Tea Roulette Jar

Dishes are the only rotational chore, and Diane made this really pro chart to help us keep track of whose turn it is to hit the Start button on the dishwasher. We even laminated it, cheap college student style, with packing tape. You can see how well that worked out.

it's Andrew's turn

We also have tons of house plants, most of whom have names.

this shelf has gotten more crowded since this photo

And a cat named Thursday.

sleepy kitty

And an army of dinosaurs above the fireplace, because we are adults.

prehistoric hearth

Welcome and stuff.

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